Soyuz 2.1b/Fregat-M | Gonets-M27, Gonets-M28, Gonets-M29 and others

September 28, 2020 11:00:00 UTC

Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation

Gonets-M27, Gonets-M28, Gonets-M29 and others
for Communications
Gonets-M are an upgraded version of Gonets satellites, derived from military communications system Strela-3. Gonets-M constellation is tasked with monitoring ecological and industrial objects, providing communication and data transmission services, covering also the remote areas like the Far North region. This launch also carries 22 small satellites as a rideshare payloads. These are cubesats for commercial companies such as Spire and Kepler Communications, as well as cubesats for various international universities.